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Happiness India Project

Happiness India Project is about teaching, coaching, and engaging people on Happiness. It attempts to bring together the time-honored, accumulated wisdom on human happiness and the contemporary, current scientific data on positive psychology, and share it at all levels of society via social networks, blogs, community lectures, and happiness workshops.

Happiness India Project attempts to bring you up on to ways to reach greater happiness levels – at home, at work, at play. We do this with our online resources, and our offline workshops, lectures, discussions and seminars.

Our big goal is to encourage you to find happy moments in each day, share them with friends and family, and get inspired to do more of what makes you happier. Our project doesn’t finish until we make India more happy.

Learn to be happy. Find your happiness.

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Our Mission

Help people to reach higher levels of happiness.
Inspire our society to flourish and prosper.
Promote ways to fulfillment and wellbeing of the people.

Do More. Not Just Exist

Our Motto

Happiness is more than a smile.

Do more. Not Just Exist.

Happiness India Happy India

Our Vision

See India (and the world) More Happy.

Affiliation and Location: We have no religious, political or sect-based affiliations and welcome people of all faiths, communities and parts of the society to join us. Happiness India Project is operationally managed from Delhi, India, since June 2014. However, we have worldwide reach, and are grateful to all those who support us!

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You may contact us by dropping us a mail:

contact [at] happyproject.in or HappinessProjectIndia [at] gmail.com

Or reach us through our Contact Page

We will do our best to get back to you within a week.

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About Me: Dr Sandip Roy

Positive Psychology Writer, Happiness Science Speaker, and Medical Doctor.

A speaker on Happiness Science and how it can carve out positive changes in personal and professional success through techniques researched out by psychologists, for both corporate and general audience.

Founder of Happiness India Project, and Chief Editor of its popular blog, since 2014. Writes popular-science articles on topics from Positive Psychology and Happiness Science.

CMD (Chief Medical Director) at RamaKrishna Healthcare, his co-founded multi-clinic serving a semi-urban population in Delhi, since 2001. A MCI (Medical Council of India) registered medical doctor, practicing as general practitioner and family physician since 2000. Holds memberships of IMA (Indian Medical Association) and DMA (Delhi Medical Association).

Held the position of Manager – Content Development at Elsevier Clinical Specialties in 2007, and worked on the initial phase of the ECAB pilot project.

Publication: The chapter Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy in the textbook Selected Topics in Obstetrics and Gynaecology For Postgraduates and Practitioners, 2009.

Sandip Roy works and lives in Delhi, India.
“I’m a O95‐C94‐E15‐A50‐N27 Big Five.”


S a n d i p  R o y
Founder and CE » Happiness India Project
Positive Psychology Writer, 
Happiness Science Speaker, Medical Doctor