7 Preconditions of Success (To Launch You Into The Sky)

Success is not only something you earn but also a skill you can learn. However, being “satisfyingly successful” is the ultimate goal.

It doesn’t matter if:

  • success doesn’t make you happy
  • being happy stops your success
  • either comes at a wrong time of life

Let’s begin.

Happiness And Success

7 Elements of Happiness And Success

1. Happiness

Let yourself be happy in between your work. Make happiness is part of the journey. Don’t wait to be happy until you get your success – one, you might be too old to relish things of enjoyment; two, things you enjoy no more exist.

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2. Hard Work

Work hard, every day. When you work harder than everyone else, you see what makes things fail, and you learn to surpass them. Work hard on your days off — and plan your breaks and holidays meticulously.

3. Excellence

Set your goals to be great at what you do. Don’t be afraid to challenge the competition. When you vie to be the greatest artist of your work, you find a space opening up for you at the top.

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4. Mindfulness

Stay strictly focused on your process. The only way to go at it is without worries. Present focus, or mindfulness, gives you that mental field to dance. If find yourself wandering, remind yourself why you started and put the spotlight back on your goals.

5. Limitations

Move beyond the set limits. Push all the established boundaries. In fact, do not try to find out what the limits are in your domain. Set your own success perimeter, learn the ground rules, then break them whenever you find them caging you in.

6. Resist & Persist

This comes from Stoicism. Be persistent. Keep at it until your time to take breaks arrives. Then come at it again. Be resilient. If things fail, force yourself into a break, then come at it again. Take small and big failures in your stride and pick up the sword again.

7. Love

Love takes you where nothing else can. Love to bits the work you do. Think of what makes your work more fulfilling; do more than that. It helps you stay on course longer when most have stopped or fallen by the wayside.

Final Words

Finally, success is more about your confidence in tackling any failure. It makes others vouch for you. That’s how your happiness and success grows.

Following your passion isn’t always the bridge to reach where you want to be.
What succeeds better is curiosity — find out why.

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Author Bio: Written and reviewed by Sandip Roy—a medical doctor, psychology writer, happiness researcher. Founder and chief editor of The Happiness Blog. Writes popular science articles on happiness, positive psychology, and related topics.

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