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Welcome to Happiness India Project!

For authors who wish to write for us, please read this article about our latest guest post guidelines/rules.

We’re picky. We accept only high-quality contributions from authors. Even if a guest post is good, it doesn’t mean we should publish it. The content needs to be great!

Remember, content is the king. And great content is the emperor.

We give only no-follow links to authors’ personal/promotional websites. Read points 7, 8, and 9 regarding our rules about links.

If you’re interested in writing for Happiness India Project©, our guest post guidelines/rules are below. Please read and follow them carefully.

Our core topics are:

  • Positive Psychology and Mental Health
  • Psychology-related self-help
  • Life Hacks and Productivity Hacks
  • Science and Philosophy of Happiness

Guest Post Guidelines/Rules

  1. Send us a pitch (email us with subject “HIP Pitch“) for your post around our core topics suggesting 3 or more titles with 1-2 lines’ synopsis each. We love original ideas. Tell us what new ideas you’re thinking.
  2. Send us links to some articles you wrote elsewhere, so we can form an opinion about the quality of your work.
  3. 1500 – 2000 words: Keep your post around 1500 to 2000 words, no less but it could be more. It excludes your bio. Thanks in advance for the hard word you’re going to put in.
  4. Original: Don’t reach us with your already published work. Make sure your article hasn’t been published elsewhere. We only accept unpublished, original posts.
  5. Unique: Don’t send us plagiarized or rewritten work. Be authentic. Don’t try us with your cleverly plagiarized or rewritten articles. We always check on Quetext and Google search to find any duplicate or similar articles.
  6. Great English: Don’t push us articles with spelling errors or poor language/grammar. Write in short paragraphs (3-5 sentences per paragraph). Keep a conversational tone. Keep first-person references (as I, me, my, mine) at minimum. Don’t be boring. Push yourself to tell us something new. Online readers tend to expect articles that can be easily skimmed, so find out what does it look like?
  7. Links: Provide links to studies/facts you’re quoting or drawing your conclusions from in your work. We expect high quality resources to draw your information from (for example, scientific papers and news sites are great). Make sure the links are helpful and relevant for the reader.
  8. No links to your personal/promotional website may be included anywhere in the article body itself. Promotional links means links to the products or services you sell, your company’s or your client’s site, or your affiliate or referral links. Once submitted, we reserve the right to remove/add/edit any/all links appearing in your article.
  9. Your short bio of 2-4 sentences could include up to 2 links (1 to your website and 1 to your social media, as Twitter, LinkedIn). Take note, we give only no-follow links to your personal/promotional website.
  10. We reserve the right to modify/edit submissions for content, clarity, length and audience. We own exclusive rights to all content once they are published on our site. However, you may summarize and post it on your blog and social media accounts clearly mentioning link to the original article on our site.

In short, we welcome well-written, well-researched, long-form, original articles. We expect you to add to our reputation for posting high-quality articles.

Email us with HIP Pitch as subject line to:
contact [at] or HappinessIndia [at]

We will contact you within two weeks if we like it, and ask you for a full draft.

Once we publish your article, we work hard to share it far and wide. Your contribution post on our social networks can reach up to 50k people and fetch around 300 shares. Not a bad exposure, right?

So, we expect the same from you — take an enthusiastic interest to spread it through your online and offline networks. It helps increase the visibility for you as well as us. We just love it when you share the link to your article with others wherever you hang out.

We also promote your posts in our newsletters too, though occasionally, which goes out to thousands of Happy Tribers.

  • We’re the creator of the viral and popular step-by-step mindfulness practice guide: Mindfulness in 7 Steps. Do check it out to get a fair idea about the quality of our posts.

Looking forward to read your awesome pitch!


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