7 Tools For Busy But Happy People

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In our busy world, we find it more and more difficult to stop the moment and appreciate life. Some people don’t want to do it while others simply cannot with all those tasks piling up every day. However, everybody realizes how critical it is to optimize their time eventually because the need for some “happy time” intensifies.

If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you are looking for some ways to enhance your day by having more free time. According to Belle Beth Cooper, the first content crafter at Buffer and co-founder of Exist, working smarter is much more effective than working harder because the efficiency is the key to a high productivity. Plus, the efficiency can solve the issue of free time shortage.

Below, you will find a list of amazing tools used by incredibly busy but happy people who found a way to focus on only the essential tasks, and live a happier life in our crazy world. The tools listed below will help to improve the quality of your life by:

  • Resolving inefficiencies
  • Identifying “time wasters”
  • Determining how long it takes you to perform time-consuming tasks
  • Increasing productivity
  • Getting you motivated

Are you ready to track your day and get motivated, improve your performance, and increase your free time? Then see the list now.

7 Tools For Busy But Happy People

1. Unroll.me

We do Not recommend Unroll.me. It shares data from your email inbox with its customers, affiliates, and many others. We suggest you delete it if you’ve ever installed it.

Is your email inbox packed with lots of emails that you never read? Lot of people’s emails are flooded with various letters, and most of them are completely useless. As the result, it becomes difficult to find even a single meaningful email in all that list. Unroll.me will solve this problem.

This fantastic productivity tool helps to unsubscribe from dozens and even hundreds of email lists in just one click! The idea is a genius one because it provides a great solution for resolving the problem of packed inbox. No more drowning in junk mail.

2. Klok

Are you a busy entrepreneur who feels overwhelmed when thinks about the next week or even the next day? Or maybe you are a student who is overwhelmed with writing just another essay paper? If that sounds familiar to you, take a look at this tool. Klok works just like a calendaring app but has some more to offer. For example, it has an advanced approach to identifying high productivity hours and inefficiencies that will improve your scheduling.

Klok works great for managing projects and customers as well. The tool allows to organize the work on particular projects and has dashboard reporting and import of scheduled affairs from other calendar tools.

3. Be Happy

This is one of the most inspirational and positive services out there. After you sign up at the website, Be Happy sends you a little happy message to the inbox you provided. As the result, you get an inspirational and lovely message every day to brighten your mood and provide more motivation to achieve all goals.

Sometimes, people just need a little bit of happiness to get their day moving, so this tool might actually provide that required bit for you.

4. Carrot

Being happy and positive translates into better productivity and life satisfaction, and this can be achieved with Carrot. It is a hilarious app that will make your day, every day! It acts like a to-do list but it has personality. For example, if you do not deliver the tasks you entered into the app, it gets cranky at you! The developers of this great app call it “the judgmental app,” and they are completely right!

The only way to keep Carrot happy is to deliver on your promises. Otherwise, expect being called “lazy human” and some other nicknames. So, be prepare for both entertainment and improved productivity with Carrot.

5. RescueTime

Another popular time tracker, which can serve you as a perfect companion for achieving the ideal work-life balance. With RescueTime, you can gain perspective on your day to identify inefficiencies, set goals to be focused, and take action to improve your productivity.

Moreover, as a user of this app you get detailed reports, a weekly email summary of your activities and performance.

6. Slife

Surveys showed that people in the U.S. spend an average of 10 hours per day looking at screens. Most of the time, they are procrastinating instead of working, so their productivity as well as overall quality of life, suffers. With Slife, you will improve your control over time and productivity because it helps you understand how you spend time in the computer.

By observing the reports generating by Slife, you will see why your day was unproductive and why you need to improve your performance.

7. Toggl

If you enjoy simplicity in apps, this time tracker is designed for you. To start working with Toggl, the user needs to add a task and click ‘Start.’ That’s it, the timer starts counting until you click ‘Stop,’ and the app generates a report that reveals how you spent your time. It is also suitable for teams and available on all popular platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Oh, one more thing: Toggl integrates with Asana and Trello, which makes it perfect for tracking teams’ performance.

Your Turn.

Try these tools to improve your day. Join the club of busy but happy people, and forget about poor productivity and lack of motivation.

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