Hi, I’m Dr. Sandip Roy, a medical doctor and a psychology writer who started The Happiness Blog.

I have written 1+ million words over a decade on positive psychology, the science of happiness and well-being, mindfulness, Stoicism, and dark psychology (narcissism, psychopathy, and sociopathy), since 2014.

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Lifehack, Wequip, Happify, The Positive Psychology People, Growing With Gratitude, PositivePsychology.com, The Positive Times, The Till.

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How Stuff Works, Lawyer Monthly, Brainz Magazine, Intuit Mint Life, My Personality, Scary Mommy, Springer Link, How Stuff Works, University of Kentucky Human Resources, University of Mexico Human Resources, Masaryk University (MUNI), The University of Alabama (Lindeman Lab), Find Your Spark, Edith Cowan University Blog, Her Campus at U Penn, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, eCycle, The Simplicity Habit, MakeuseOf, University of Salford (Manchester).

I am strongly committed to exploring ways to improve mental well-being, cope with difficult times and emotions, and sustain personal growth.

My mission is to help people live more meaningful and satisfying lives.

My posts offer valuable insights and practical strategies based on real science to:

I also deep dive into Stoicism, a 2300-year-old philosophy that teaches us how to live well. It’s a pleasant surprise that many of its principles find support in the modern science of positive psychology.

Dr. Sandip Roy - Founder, The Happiness Blog-O
Dr. Sandip Roy

Alongside my writing career, I am a practicing medical doctor (general physician), board-certified by the National Medical Commission, India.


  1. Critique of positive psychology and positive interventions in The Routledge International Handbook of Critical Positive Psychology, 2018.
  2. Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy in the textbook Selected Topics in Obstetrics and Gynecology For Postgraduates and Practitioners, 2009.

Besides my work in psychology and medicine, I also speak on The Science of Happiness In Modern Life.

Dr. Sandip Roy, Delhi
Dr. Sandip Roy, Speaking at Amity School, Ghaziabad

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• Quoted in the daily newspaper Deccan Chronicle:

Dr. Sandip Roy quoted in Deccan-Chronicle (Correlation-Food-Depression)
Dr. Sandip Roy, quoted in Deccan-Chronicle

• Also quoted in the daily newspaper The Asian Age in the article Correlation Between Food And Depression.

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Dr. Sandip Roy: Real Pic (Left) – Digital Avatar (Right)

Join me on this journey to a happier, more satisfying life.

My motto:

“Let’s bring more happiness into our lives.”

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