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About Me: Dr Sandip Roy

Hi, I’m Dr. Sandip Roy. I am a board-certified medical doctor from the National Medical Commission, psychology blogger, and happiness-science speaker. Also, the founder and chief editor of the Positive Psychology Blog from IndiaThe Happiness Blog.

As Chief Editor and main writer, I help readers discover solutions from science and philosophy on how to:

  • increase their happiness and satisfaction,
  • learn important skills to navigate to success, and
  • find practical hacks to some of their most demanding problems.

The Happiness Blog is a resource site to read some of the best articles on human happiness, most of them based on science or philosophy. The project is also about sharing the authentic science of well-being and life satisfaction, via social media, blogs, lectures, and workshops.

My interests range from Positive Psychology and Science of Wellbeing to Stoicism and Life-hacks. I try to read or listen to around 20 books a year. I have deep interests in writing, innovation, and creativity.

Besides practicing at my clinic, I also speak to the corporate, student, and general audience on Happiness Science. I talk about how they can raise their happiness levels, and how being happier can bring sweepingly positive changes to their personal and professional stories. I base my happiness-enhancing techniques on psychological research.

I have been practicing as a general practitioner and family physician for more than a decade. I currently live in Delhi, India.

Motto: Let’s bring more happiness into our lives.


  1. Chief Medical Director at RamaKrishna Healthcare, a multi-clinic that serves a semi-urban population in Delhi, since 2001.
  2. Content Development Manager at Elsevier Clinical Specialties for a brief period in 2007. Worked on the initial phase of the ECAB (Elsevier Clinical Assessment Board) pilot project.
  3. Emergency Medical Officer at Batra Hospital, Delhi; Kailash Hospital, Noida; Prakash Hospital, Noida; Dharamshila Hospital, Delhi; at various times before 2001.


  1. Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy in the textbook Selected Topics in Obstetrics and Gynecology For Postgraduates and Practitioners, 2009.
  2. Critique of positive psychology and positive interventions in The Routledge International Handbook of Critical Positive Psychology, 2018.

Visit our new, exciting “about us” page here: About Us (Start Here).

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