Narcissist’s Library – Do Narcissists Read About Narcissism?

Step into the mind of a narcissist. Find out if narcissists read about narcissism. And if they do, how do they use that information?

It’s a question that riddles many of us: Do narcissists secretly read about narcissism? Are they actually curious about their own condition?

Some of us might think narcissists are too self-absorbed to get interested in learning about a personality disorder.

They could be right, since narcissists may well believe that they already know what is to know about themselves.

Others might think narcissists may read about narcissism to discover more ways to manipulate others or overcome their flaws like narcissistic shame and narcissistic rage.

But what if narcissists do read about narcissism? What if What if they are trying to understand how their narcissism affects their relationships and their lives?

So, if you’re curious, let’s dive in to solve it once and for all: Do narcissists read about their own traits?


Do narcissists read about narcissism?

Yes, narcissists do read about narcissism.

Here are some plausible reasons why they might bury their noses in books about narcissism:

To gain knowledge and insight into their own behavior

They want to understand themselves better.

They think that by reading up on narcissism, they can get a clearer picture of their urges and behaviors, and may even find some useful ways to become better people.

To project their own behavior onto others

Narcissists might use their newfound knowledge as a shield.

By learning about narcissism, they can find out how other narcissists use srategies and words to blame others for their own actions, cleverly dodging any responsibility.

To manipulate others in worse ways

Narcissists might use this information as a tool for manipulation.

With a deep understanding of narcissistic traits, they can identify weaknesses in others and use them to their advantage.

They may use it to be guilt-free in exploiting vulnerabilities in others.

To reinforce their own beliefs

Narcissists might use these readings as a mirror that reflects their own greatness.

They might cherry-pick information that supports their grandiose self-image and conveniently ignore anything that challenges or contradicts it.

Do narcissists get better after reading up on narcissism?

Probably, even if a narcissist reads a library full of books on narcissism, it’s unlikely that they’ll see their actions as harmful or negative, or feel the need to change themselves.

What narcissists may do with their knowledge-bank of narcissism is to possibly further their own interests. And to save themelves from being held to blame for their actions.

Do narcissists know they are narcissists?

There is some debate about whether narcissists know they are narcissists.

Some experts believe that narcissists are aware of their narcissistic traits, but they simply do not care about the impact their behavior has on others.

Others believe that narcissists are truly unaware of their narcissistic traits, and they may even believe that they are the only ones who are truly “normal.”

Why might narcissists read about narcissism?

There are a few reasons why narcissists might read about narcissism.

One reason is that they may be curious about their own personality disorder. They may want to learn more about the symptoms and signs of narcissism, and they may want to understand how their narcissism affects their relationships and their lives.

Another reason why narcissists might read about narcissism is that they may be trying to improve themselves. They may want to learn how to manage their narcissistic traits, and they may want to become more empathetic and less self-absorbed.

Final Words

What can we learn from narcissists who read about narcissism?

We can expect knowledge-rich narcissists to be armored with better weapons of psychological control and destruction.

They will know more about the symptoms of their personality disorder. They may use their research-based information to kill other people’s arguments about their condition.

They may use it to their advantage in relationships and in the workplace. Also, they can learn about useful self-driven ways to manage their narcissistic traits.

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Author Bio: Researched and reviewed by Dr. Sandip Roy — a medical doctor and psychology writer, with a unique focus on mental well-being, positive psychology, narcissism, and Stoicism. His empathic expertise has helped many mental abuse survivors find happiness again. Co-author of ‘Critique of Positive Psychology and Positive Interventions’.

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