20 Sly Signs That A Narcissist Is Done With You

— by Dr. Sandip Roy.

It can be hard to tell when a narcissist’s love for you is past its expiry date.

When a narcissist is done with you, they will start showing it in subtle ways. They won’t tell you. They would rather keep you hanging in limbo.

With full intention, they confuse you whether they are breaking up with you or silently demanding that you treat them with obedience and servility.

Most likely, your narcissist will cloak these signs to keep you overwhelmed and uncertain. Learn to spot these and save yourself from more heartache, find closure, and move on.

How To Know When A Narcissist Is Done With You


Narcissists trap you with their charm and charisma and then drain you with their emotional and physical demands. Finally, when finished with you, they will discard you for another narcissistic supply.

If you suspect your partner is a narcissist, stop wondering what signs to look out for when they have nothing more to gain from you.

Here are 20 signs that a narcissist is finished with you and is losing interest:

1. They will show their true colors and unmask their real selves.

They will no longer feel the need to put on a façade.

A narcissist ready to discard you will often drop their gentle and docile mask, revealing their true colors.

This shift in behavior exposes their true manipulative, selfish, and cruel nature, which they had been hiding until now.

2. You will notice a shift in their behavior towards a more negative side.

Narcissists are known for their charming and charismatic behavior, but when they’re finished with you, they will start to show a more negative side.

If you notice a sudden downward change in their behavior, it’s a strong signal of their changing feelings towards you.

They may become moody, irritable, and easily angered. This shift can indicate their dwindling interest in the relationship.

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3. The flow of affection and compliments, also known as ‘love bombing’, will stop.

Narcissists love to shower their partners with affection and compliments, also known as ‘love bombing‘.

But when they’re preparing to end the relationship, this flow of love often stops abruptly, marking the beginning of the end.

4. Seem constantly irritated or annoyed with you for no reason.

They may pick fights over small things and become easily frustrated.

If they start showing signs of constant annoyance or irritation with you, even for trivial reasons, it’s a clear sign of their waning patience and investment in the relationship.

This change in attitude suggests they’re gearing up to move on.

5. Will start ignoring you, not responding to your words, calls, or messages.

When a narcissist starts ignoring you, not responding to your calls, messages, or even your words and presence, they’re demonstrating their indifference towards you.

This dismissive behavior often precedes the final discard phase.

6. Find faults with everything you do, constantly criticizing you.

Narcissists will find fault in everything you do as they prepare to end the relationship.

They may criticize you constantly and make you feel like you can’t do anything right.

This incessant criticism is designed to undermine your self-esteem, making it easier for them to leave without resistance.

7. Become emotionally and physically distant, showing no interest in spending time with you.

If they start distancing themselves both emotionally and physically, showing no interest in spending time with you, it’s a strong sign they’re preparing to discard you.

They may prefer to be alone, often getting up and leaving the place if you arrive there to be with them.

This withdrawal is a key step in their strategy to end the relationship.

8. Start blaming you for things you didn’t do, like lying, cheating, or being envious.

Narcissists are quick to shift blame onto others.

When a narcissist is finished with you, they often intensify this blame game. They start holding you responsible for things you didn’t do.

They can accuse you of lying, cheating, or being jealous and envious, even when there’s no evidence to support their claim.

(A jealous person feels that someone else is taking something away from them, while an envious person desires what others have.)

They can accuse you of stealing, having unnatural passions, or even deliberately showing the narc down in front of others.

Constantly blaming you for little things destabilizes your mental balance. It allows them to control you more until the time they end the relationship and leave you helpless.

9. Take advantage of you, sometimes financially, showing no remorse.

When a narcissist is close to discarding you, they might start exploiting you, sometimes financially, with no signs of remorse or guilt and may even justify them.

This exploitative behavior is to show they have stopped respecting you and no longer want to consider your viewpoints, another indicator they’re gearing up to discard you.

10. Become distant as they start the hunt for a new partner.

The narcissist might start becoming emotionally distant as they begin their hunt for a new partner.

They may become distant. This emotional withdrawal signals that their focus has shifted away from you.

It indicates that they want someone else to fulfill their needs and that your relationship with them is ending.

11. Stop trying to convince you to stay or make efforts to keep the relationship.

When a narcissist stops trying to convince you to stay or ceases all efforts to maintain the relationship, it’s a clear sign they’re preparing to let go.

Their indifference towards the relationship’s dissolution is a significant indicator they’re planning to discard you.

They may even encourage you to leave them, and ask you why you aren’t leaving the relationship.

12. Start making big changes to their life or appearance, showing off to you and others.

Narcissists will often begin drastically changing aspects of their lives or appearance as they gear up to move on.

This showy transformation, aimed at impressing others, could be a strong indication that they’re preparing to discard you.

They may show off these changes to you and others as a way to prove that they’re doing just fine without you.

13. Openly flirt with others and not care if you see them.

When a narcissist is finished with you, they may start flirting brazenly with others, unmindful of whether you notice. They may even stage a little drama in a way that you “catch them” cheating.

This disrespectful behavior, aimed at making you jealous or undermining your self-esteem, is another sign they are setting the stage to leave you.

14. Stop responding to your messages or calls, disappearing without a word (ghosting).

Communication is a cornerstone of any relationship.

When a narcissist is finished with you, they may stop responding to your messages or calls.

Initially, they may reply or call back after a long lapse of time, like after 3 hours. Then, altogether stopping to reply, effectively disappearing.

It’s a clear sign they are distancing themselves. This sudden silence or ‘ghosting’ (disappearing without a word, leaving you wondering what went wrong) often precedes a narcissist’s final discard.

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15. Cut ties with your friends and family, avoiding any mutual connections.

Narcissists may sever ties with your friends and family, deliberately breaking off any shared social connections.

This step sends a clear signal that they want to move on and avoid accountability for the relationship.

It is a sign that they are prepared for a clean break, and are close to discarding you.

16. Their behavior will become cruel, and their once warm gaze will now be cold and empty.

The narcissist becomes cold and cruel.

Their behavior may turn harsh and unkind, a stark contrast to their earlier warmth.

The once familiar, loving gaze may now seem distant and empty, a visual testament to their emotional withdrawal and impending discard.

Their cold and empty “sociopathic stare” may make them seem heartless.

17. May become physically or verbally abusive, showing no concern for your feelings.

Once caring and attentive, they might resort to physical or verbal abuse, dismissing your emotions entirely.

These cruel shifts in behavior are clear signs that their façade is crumbling, indicating that the discard phase is nearing.

18. Start telling you the harsh truths that were once unsaid.

Narcissists often control the narrative of your relationship, but as they prepare to let go, they may start revealing harsh truths that they’ve kept hidden.

This brutal honesty can be an attempt to destabilize you, making it easier for them to walk away.

19. Won’t hesitate to speak ill of you to others, trying to damage your reputation.

People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) often undermine others in an attempt to gain power or feel superior.

Narcissists can masterfully start a smear campaign against you, badmouthing you to friends, family, or anyone who’ll listen.

This is to isolate you from your support system while making themselves appear as the victim, a classic sign they’re planning to discard you.

20. You will feel dread and disturbed in their presence.

Trust your intuition. If you feel unease or dread in their presence, your gut might be picking up on subtle changes in their behavior.

Your internal warning system is often accurate, signaling that the narcissist may soon discard you.

The Narcissistic Relationship Cycle

A narcissist’s behavior follows a specific cycle of abuse that includes love bombing, devaluation, discard, and hoovering.

Understanding this cycle can help you identify when a narcissist is finished with you.

1. Idealization or Love Bombing

During the love bombing phase, a narcissist will shower you with attention, compliments, and gifts. They will make you feel like the most important person in the world and sweep you off your feet. However, this is just a tactic to gain your trust and admiration.

2. Devaluation

After the love bombing phase, a narcissist will start to devalue you.

They may criticize you, belittle you, and make you feel like you are not good enough. This is all part of their plan to gain power and control over you.

3. Discard

A narcissist’s discard is a way to end their relationship with you suddenly, harshly, and without caring.

They can discard you in the morning after last evening’s fun party.

Their discard means they no longer see you as useful to their needs or desires. They fully want to leave you utterly confused and hurt, without closure or explanation.

While discarding, they will also blame you for the breakup, telling you it was all your fault.

4. Hoovering

Even after a narcissist has discarded you, they may try to come back into your life. This is known as hoovering, and it is another tactic to gain power and control over you.

Some hoovering tactics: They may apologize for their behavior, promise to change, or try to make you feel guilty for leaving them.

Manipulation Tactics Used by Narcissists

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you may have noticed that they use manipulation tactics to control and dominate you. Here are some of the most common manipulation tactics used by narcissists:

1. Always Staying Angry

Narcissists often use anger to control their partners. They may become angry over small things, or they may use anger to intimidate and frighten you.

They may also use anger to make you feel guilty or ashamed. If you find yourself walking on eggshells around your partner, afraid to say or do anything that might make them angry, this is a sign that you are being manipulated.

2. Gaslighting and Lying

Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic in which the narcissist makes you doubt your own perceptions and memories.

They may deny things they said or did, or they may tell you that you are crazy or imagining things.

They may also lie about things to make themselves look better or to control you.

If you find yourself constantly questioning your own sanity or doubting your own memories, this is a sign that you are being gaslighted.

3. Silent Treatment and Insults with Gestures

Narcissists may use the silent treatment as a way to punish you or to control you.

They may also insult you or put you down, often using gestures or body language to convey their contempt.

They may roll their eyes, sigh heavily, or make other dismissive gestures. If you find yourself constantly feeling hurt, belittled, or ignored, this is a sign that you are being manipulated.


  1. What are the signs that a narcissist is losing interest in a relationship?

    When a narcissist loses interest in a relationship, they may start to withdraw emotionally and physically. They can become less attentive, stop spending time with you, and show disinterest in what happens in your life. They may begin to criticize you more frequently.

  2. What are the 3 signs that a narcissist is preparing to discard you?

    1. They become apathetic and begin to withdraw emotionally and physically.
    2. They begin to devalue you more and more and criticize you more frequently.
    3. They may start to idealize someone else and down-compare you to that person.

  3. What are the indications that a narcissist is cheating on you?

    1. A cheating narcissist starts to idealize someone else, brings up your flaws and mistakes more often, and says they made a mistake working with you.
    2. They may become more secretive about their activities and spend less time with you.
    3. They may start to take unexplained breaks and holidays and lie about their whereabouts and absences.

  4. What happens when a narcissist realizes you are done with them?

    1. When a narcissist realizes you’re done with them and about to part ways, they may get riled up, abuse you in worse ways, and try to hurt you.
    2. They may also plead with you to stay in the relationship or make you feel guilty for leaving.
    3. If you have left them, they may even try to hoover you back into the relationship.

Final Words

Finally, some of the most common signs that a narcissist is finished with you include a lack of communication, a lack of interest in your life, and a lack of effort in the relationship. Additionally, they may start to criticize you more frequently or become more distant.

If you are experiencing these signs, it is essential to take care of yourself and focus on your own well-being. Remember that you deserve to be in a healthy and supportive relationship, and it is okay to let go of toxic people in your life.

To move forward, consider the following three steps:

  1. Focus on self-care: Take time to focus on yourself and do activities that make you happy.
  2. Seek support: Reach out to friends, family, or a therapist for support in this challenging time.
  3. Set boundaries: If they try to contact you, ask them not to. Tell them you do not owe each other anything anymore.

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