20 Phrases To Say To A Gaslighter To Shut Them Down

It is not always ethical or beneficial to shut someone down. Instead, it may be more helpful to validate a person’s feelings and experiences and support.

However, if you suspect someone is gaslighting you, seek help from trusted friends, family, or mental health providers.

You have to set boundaries and inform them in clear and firm tones that you will no longer tolerate their behavior.

You must prioritize your well-being and stop them from pushing you into extreme mental chaos.

Phrases To Shut Down Gaslighters

20 Phrases To Say To Shut Down Gaslighting

  1. “I don’t appreciate being lied to or manipulated. I know my own experiences and feelings, and I don’t need you to tell me what is real or not.”
  2. “I want to have a healthy and respectful relationship, and this behavior is not conducive to that. Please stop gaslighting me.”
  3. “Your behavior is hurtful and damaging. I need you to respect my reality and my versions of events.”
  4. “Gaslighting in any form is emotional abuse, and it is not acceptable. I will not allow you to continue treating me this way.”
  5. “I am not going to doubt my own perceptions and experiences because of your manipulation. I deserve better than this.”
  6. “I know that I am not crazy or mistaken. I will not let you convince me otherwise.”
  7. “I am not alone and am seeking support from my friends and family. You cannot carry on with your gaslighting behavior without facing resistance from us.”
  8. “Your gaslighting is a serious issue that is damaging our relationship. I need you to stop. Let’s take a break until you get some therapy for your behavior.”
  9. “I am taking steps to protect myself and my well-being. I deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, and I will not let you continue to hurt me with your gaslighting.”
  10. “Your gaslighting is intolerable, and I will not put up with it any longer. I demand that you stop immediately.”
  11. “I will not let you manipulate me or make me doubt myself. I know my own truth and experiences.”
  12. “I refuse to be a victim of your gaslighting any longer. If you do not take steps to end this behavior, I’ll have to cut you out of my life.”
  13. “I will not be lied to or manipulated. Your gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse, and I will not stand for it.”
  14. “I am not going to let you control or manipulate me. I am standing up for myself and my well-being.”
  15. “I am seeking help and support to deal with your gaslighting. I will not allow it to continue to hurt me.”
  16. “Your gaslighting has become a major cause of my mental distress. You need to address it right away. I will not tolerate your lying and manipulating any longer.”
  17. “I am taking action to protect myself from your gaslighting. I will not let you continue to hurt me. If you follow me, I’ll report you.”
  18. “I am declaring your behavior unacceptable. And I’m going to make sure you don’t get to gaslight me again. From this moment on, any words we exchange will have to be recorded.”
  19. “I am standing up for myself and my well-being. I will not let you continue to gaslight me or control me.”
  20. “I won’t stay in a relationship with someone who gaslights me. This is a deal-breaker for me. If you don’t stop your act, I’ll leave right now.”

Stopping A Narcissist’s Gaslighting

What do you say to someone who gaslights you?

If you suspect you are the victim of gaslighting, keep a record of the conversation between the two of you and analyze it to see if they are really gaslighting you.

If they are, tell them clearly and bravely that their behaviors are deceptive, abnormal, and unacceptable.

Whatever you say, it must mean and conclude only one thing:

“I know you’ve been gaslighting me. Stop it immediately.”

Final Words

If someone has been gaslighting you for years and refuses to stop despite your many requests, you may need to take more extreme measures to protect your mental balance and sanity.

Of course, you will need to set stronger boundaries and communicate more assertively to let the person know that their behavior is affecting your mental health.

Prioritize your own safety and well-being in these dangerous situations. Remember, standing up for yourself can be difficult, but it is crucial for your emotional well-being.

Get help from experienced mental health professionals. If the gaslighting persists, you may need to distance yourself from the person or seek legal action.

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Phrases Used By Gaslighters

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Author Bio: Written and reviewed by Sandip Roy — medical doctor, psychology writer, and happiness researcher. Founder and Chief Editor of The Happiness Blog. Writes on mental well-being, happiness, positive psychology, and philosophy (especially Stoicism).

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