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The Ten Commandments is a list post

A list post is a article in a list format.

It lists a number of reasons, tips, methods, shortcuts, secrets, types, ways, trends.

Next to infographic, this is the most popular post format as per the number of social shares is concerned. According to that BuzzSumo article, the most popular posts had the following number of items: 10, 23, 16, and 24 (in this exact order).

They are also called Listicles!

Why A List Post Is Fun

A list-post on any blog is a fun project for three reasons:

  1. If you are blogging within a niche, then you just have to do a list-post sometime – as it is an extremely popular format with inbuilt bragging rights for showcasing the ‘abstracting’ skills of the author, coupled with the advantages of a quick ‘heads-up’ of the goings-on. That is, it is easily scannable to the roving eye.
  2. You get a pushover motivation from another blogger.
  3. And, of course, this kind of post can do a carpet-bomb style of outreach to those multitasking readers who are extremely busy with their schedules. I feel for any one soul who arrives at this post but does not read one extra word beyond the list at the beginning of this article, it would be equally fine for all of us – the reader and the writer. The reader would have gathered his arrows, and the writer would be beaming to have got the crux across within the span of a blink-feed! World peace, indeed.
If you're niche-blogging, you just have to do a #ListPost sometime – as it's an extremely popular format with inbuilt bragging rights for the author's abstracting skills, with the advantages of a quick heads-up of the goings-on. Click To Tweet

Some of our own highly popular list posts are:

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