Unlock The Positive Power Your Dark Emotions

dark emotions

Negative emotions as anger, anxiety, and guilt are necessary parts of our lives. For a rich, complete life, your healthy mind must accept and embrace the dark side of human nature. Without the presence of these emotions from the dark side, your journey to a happy life will remain a distant dream. Psychological health involves accepting our dark sides also, and thereby living a life of wholeness rather than one only of happiness.

The Upside of Your Dark Side is a book that peers into the dark depths of the human psyche, and brings to us the practicality and utility of our painful emotions – the ones that we mostly wish we could do away with. Backed by many fascinating psychological studies, the authors Todd Kashdan and Robert Biswas-Diener make it clear that our negative emotions are vital for our survival.

The authors argue:

  • Anger sparks creativity
  • Guilt leads to improvement
  • Self-doubt increases performance
  • Selfishness perks up our courage
  • Mindlessness opens us to better decisions

Kashdan and Biswas-Diener call our attention to an optimal state of “emotional, social, and mental agility,” wherein we make use of our full range of emotions and behavior – both ‘bad’ and ‘good’ – to deal with every situation that life throws at us.

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Remember that this post is not a book you are reading from – these are just a few ideas taken from that book to give you a glimpse into the span of research that has gone into exploring the benefits of negative aspects of human emotions. Get the book if you like this.

Here we present a few nuggets of wisdom from the book in picture-quote format.

Wisdom From The Dark Side of Human Nature

Happiness not everything

1. Happiness is not everything.

Happy people less persuasive2. Happy people are less persuasive.

Happy people gullible3. Happy people are gullible.

Happiness slips4. Happiness slips away

Happiness slips away if you try to grab it – just like a bar of soap in the tub. Click To Tweet

Anxiety Get Rid

5. Anxiety

Anxious people see more6. Anxious people fare better in danger

Anxious people see farther, hear sharper, react faster. Click To Tweet


7. Anger

Anger boosts creativity8. Anger boosts creativity

Anger can enhance creativity and authority. Click To Tweet


9. Guilt

Guilt is good10. Guilt is good

Guilt can turn us into better people. Click To Tweet


11. Guilt vs Shame

When we feel shame, we tend to hide the source of our shame. Click To Tweet


12. Narcissism

Narcissism benefits13. Benefits of Narcissism

Narcissistic behavior can offer at least some benefits, both to individuals and societies. Click To Tweet


14. Psychopath

Psychopaths better leaders15. Psychopaths make better leaders

Psychopaths handle crises better, by emotionally detaching from the situation. Click To Tweet


16. Mindfulness

Mindfulness not always17. Mindfulness is not for always

We can't be mindful about everything, and all the time. Click To Tweet


18. Mindlessness

Mindlessness for creativity19. Mindlessness enhances creativity

Mindless processing often results in better decisions. Click To Tweet

Reason for negative emotions

20. Reason for negative emotions

Final Words

Our negative emotions are there for a reason: they give us guidance, motivate us to pursue our goals and keep us out of the way of trouble.

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