Secrets of Strong Willpower

20 Quotes - The Willpower Instinct

Willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals.

According to American Psychological Association, we have many common names for willpower: determination, drive, resolve, self-discipline, self-control. But psychologists characterize willpower, or self-control, in more specific ways.

In “Maximum Willpower“, Kelly McGonigal, PhD, brings together the newest insights about self-control from psychology, economics, neuroscience and medicine, explaining how we can break old habits and create healthy habits, conquer procrastination and manage stress and emotions.  This book focuses on strategies that can help you transcend limitations, strengthen self-control and escape the grip of chronic stress and procrastination.

It is also called “The Willpower Instinct“, so we keep to that in our opening slide.

Please remember that this is just a random series of slides in the form of picture-quotes, and not an abridgment of the book. However, if you like it, go ahead and buy the book.

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Willpower Secrets and Self-Discipline

The Willpower Instinct1

1. The 3 forces of willpower

Willpower consists of three forces: 1. I Will; 2. I Won't; and 3. I Want. Click To Tweet

The Willpower Instinct2

2. Strength of willpower

The Willpower Instinct3

3. Long-term goal

What's the #1 long-term goal you'd like to focus more of your energy on? Click To Tweet

The Willpower Instinct4

4. Meditation

The Willpower Instinct5

5. Willpower and survival

The Willpower Instinct6

6. Willpower Exhaustion

The Willpower Instinct7

7. Don’t do these

The Willpower Instinct8

8. Reward system

The Willpower Instinct9

9. Dopamine

The Willpower Instinct10

10. Stress and willpower

The Willpower Instinct11

11. Unrealistic goals

The Willpower Instinct12

12. Regrets

The Willpower Instinct13

13. The future self

The Willpower Instinct14

14. Temptation

The Willpower Instinct15

15. Cravings

The Willpower Instinct16

16. Willpower is contagious

The Willpower Instinct17

17. Who inspires you?

The Willpower Instinct18

18. Do these

The Willpower Instinct19

19. Be your friend

The Willpower Instinct20

20. Self-control

Final Words

A few insightful words from Kelly McGonigal in an interview on TED blog: “One of the big lessons from The Science of Willpower is if you really fight the inner experiences, it’s not going to end well. If you decide you’re going to fight cravings, fight thoughts, fight emotions, you put all your energy and attention into trying to change the inner experiences. People tend to get more stuck, and more overwhelmed. When you try to control the things that aren’t really under your control, you get to feeling more out of control. Whereas where you really have the freedom is in your choices.”

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