How To Manifest Something Easily (Fast, Realistic Method)

Is there an easy way to manifest something quickly, that is also realistic?

This is a 3-phase guide to manifesting something you want quickly. It is easy to follow and will enable you to manifest your desires more often once you internalize this realistic method.

The majority of existing manifesting techniques are hardly anything more than the reworked versions of the law of attraction, which itself is a remarketed version of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Those methods are unrealistic and inadequate. So they work for ‘others’ but not for you.

How to manifest something you want quickly

How To Manifest Something Quickly, Easily (Realistic Method)

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If you want to create your own reality double-quick, especially when you are starting out, let’s dive into how it’s done.

Start with small acts of manifestation, and then go on to bigger ones as your method perfects, and you grow confident.

Here is the 3-phase method to manifest and actualize your desired results quickly.

  1. Phase of Clarity – clear vision, clear intention, clear path
  2. Phase of Forethought – forethinking obstacles, forethinking distractions, forethinking apathy
  3. Phase of Action – starting with determination, acting with passion, maintaining focus on the process

The manifestation process must go through three phases in that exact order.

1. Phase of Clarity

First, get clarity of vision.

To do this, create a list of 5 to 6 things you want to manifest in your life. Arrange them in the order of urgency, and pick up the one you desire most urgently.

This is the one wish you have to get clear about, and writing things down is the best way to do that. So use your writing or typing power.

Write the What, Why, And When of your desired manifestation.

Make your intentions clear and sharp, without any ambiguity. Describe it in 5 to 7 words. For example:

I want my own home this year.
I want a new car this year.

The clarity of your manifestation path comes down to making realistic plans. You get an edge over others when you set plans for stretch goals.

These are those desires that are slightly outside your current reach and would need you to stretch your skills to a certain extent to reach out for them.

If you want to manifest a car, then craft the need for a car that you will be able to service and maintain its running costs. You must desire a car that you can practically drive with peace and happiness.

The first step is to be specific in defining your goal and breaking it down into smaller goals.

For example, if you want a new car, you can break that down into smaller goals like saving up for the car or researching different models. The more specific you are with your goal, the more likely you will achieve it.

I want to manifest:—A new job—A new car—Money in the bank—A healthy lifestyle.

2. Phase of Forethought

Now, this is the most neglected part of the manifestation process.

All manifestation coaches wrongly ask you to brush under the carpet the possibility of problems arising. In fact, they tell you to think there wouldn’t be any obstacle standing in your way.

The correct approach is to anticipate difficult situations and plan a way out of each one before they occur. The Stoic philosophers refer to this as Premeditatio Malorum, or premeditation of evils.

There can be three kinds of issues.

One, of the obstacles blocking your way.

For example, you want a bike to ride in the countryside on weekends, but the pandemic safety protocols block your way.

Once you foresee the obstacle, you keep your plans ready to go through or around them.

Frankly, if you see them ahead, they won’t affect you as much, so you will not become overwhelmed or enter into the analysis-paralysis mode.

Two, foresee the distractions.

There might a few things that are more important and urgent.

When you anticipate such things, you also prepare yourself to accept them as more critical and postpone your manifestation timeline. It helps you to not get irritated or disturbed enough to desert your manifestation.

Three, importantly, foresee the loss of motivation.

Losing interest and feeling apathy is something that can happen to any of us. We cannot expect to remain driven and passionate about our goals all the time.

When we accept this, we realize that discipline and consistency of action work when motivation fails. So, plan ahead for the days when you will lose your drive.

You may plan to give yourself a day off to do a thing you love to do but haven’t done in a long time. Then show up to work the next day.

Pre-contemplate whether your manifestation request, if realized, may actually harm others or even you. If so, stop.

3. Phase of Action

Manifestation is a dynamic process. It needs you to put in the work to create what you want, with the help of the universe.

The key to completing this phase is to start with determination, act with passion, and stay focused on the process.

Once you have plotted out your goal and mapped out your plans about what to do if problems occur, make a definite decision. Resolve to let go of the past and move forward to your manifested future that awaits you.

Send out your purposeful desire to the universe. It can take the form of daily prayer, daily meditation, or daily sleep-time affirmation. Next, take action with passion.

Making your wish known to the cosmos is an initial step, but working conscientiously toward the realization of your desires is the crucial next step in your manifestation.

1. Visualize the result as if it has already happened.

Visualization is a technique you could use to improve performance. It is also known as mental imagery or mental practice. This technique involves the use of visualization to create images in the mind about what one wants to achieve.

Visualization can help you attain quicker results of manifestation. It can help you plan for an event before it happens, set goals and track progress, and allow you to experience success before it actually happens.

2. Feel positive about your new reality, but realistically.

The future can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think about the future as a place where your present situation is going to get better, you will more likely make that new reality happen.

To feel positive about your new reality, first, be grateful for what you have now. It can help you carry the positivity of the present into the future. It also tells how you should not fear change but embrace it because change is inevitable, and it will bring new opportunities with it.

Steel up your grit to brave through the odds if they are to occur, and make your desire a reality.

3. Be patient and persistent in your manifestation process.

You must be patient and persistent in order to manifest something. Even if you want it to happen quickly, you must trust the process to take time and shape itself uniquely for you.

There may be moments when you feel as if you have been waiting for a long time with little progress, but this does not mean that it will always be this way. In fact, there may even be times when the universe seems to be conspiring against your desired results. See those times as a test of your patience and persistence.

4. Work toward your goal with a dedicated focus on the process.

Working toward your desire improves your likelihood of receiving what you want. It makes you feel worthy of what you desire.

So, instead of sitting idle and waiting for things to fall into your lap, take small steps every day that will move you closer to your desired result.

Deeply focus on ythe process and completely trust the cosmos.

If you want a new laptop, try to increase your income by freelancing in your extra time.

Ask Google or YouTube for ideas on how to take concrete steps toward your desired goal of preparing yourself for a better future.

Keep your focus on the process rather than getting obsessed with the awaited results. Trust the process. This means, loving your fate without leaving your goals.

Finally, acknowledge your gift when you receive it, and express your gratitude.

Does Manifestation Actually Work

We can manifest anything in this physical world because we are capable of creating our reality with our thoughts, feelings, actions, and words.

  1. The first step of manifesting is to define precisely what you want.
  2. The second step is to clearly figure out why you want it.
  3. The third step is to decide how much are you willing to work for it.

If you haven’t determined these three things, then your manifestation may not be as responsive and effective as it should be – and that means that it probably won’t happen.

Manifestation starts with intention, evolves through action, and ends in materialization.

If you do it correctly, it happens more frequently. It boosts your confidence as you get better at it and your process becomes faster.

However, keep in mind that it may not work 100 percent of the time or 100 percent of the way we want it to manifest. Accepting the results and going at it a second time is amor fati.

Manifestations work but only when the desires that drive them are backed by action and behavior.

The success of quick manifestation depends on your ability to see hurdles realistically. A willful blindness to obstacles is a surefire recipe for failing your endeavor.

There are many wrong ways to work on your manifestation process.

Wrong Ways To Manifest Your Desire

Two of the worst things that most people get wrong about the manifestation process are:

  1. To manifest, you have to eliminate your negative emotions. This is wrong.
  2. To manifest, you have to remove your limiting beliefs. This too is wrong.

Assuming that all positive thinking will inevitably lead to positive experiences is a rather naive stance. It prompts us to overlook the fact that we can force all our thoughts to be positive all of the time, and that we can safely discard the messages our negative thoughts contain.

That’s not how humans function.

We have evolved to have negative feelings and thoughts. Those are there to ensure our survival.

If someone asks you to repress them, hide them, or stop having them, run the opposite way. They are unquestionably taking you for a ride.

Those manifestation coaches think you are an idiot who will easily fall for their ‘No-Fail’ program. So, if you’re able to manifest, they take the credit. But if you fail, then you must take the blame.

“You see, it was because of your negative thoughts and emotions!”

They do not tell you anything that you already do not know. You pay them, with your time or money, for nothing more than motivation for a wrong process.

Moreover, they set up the trap such that you fall into it when you are at one of the most vulnerable points in your life.

A prerequisite of manifesting process is to have a calm mind. You’d love to find out how you may stimulate your vagus nerve to calm down.

What To Do When Manifestation Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, our realities manifest themselves in undesired or even negative ways. If you find yourself struggling to make your desires manifest, there are some things you can do.

1. Don’t blame yourself

First, do not blame yourself. Also, do not let anyone else lay the blame on you.

Your efforts were honest and sufficient, and you deserved the title of success. It didn’t happen because of factors outside your control.

Accept the result without judging or blaming yourself — it’s the Stoic practice of Amor Fati.

You might begin by changing your perspective on what you wish to happen. It is possible that the way you are looking at it is preventing it from happening.

You can also try to change your behavior and put yourself in situations where what you want will be more likely to manifest itself. You could take a pause from it and try to manifest another dream or desire.

2. Never stop after a failure

The idea is to never stop. If it doesn’t work out, figure out what went wrong, make improvements, and try again.

What’s more important is that you never blame yourself for not succeeding. You are a normal human being, and you have the right to have negative thoughts, lose motivation, take a longer time than expected, and fail.

Accept your failure as a learning or unlearning opportunity, and then move on to manifesting your next desire.

Always remain grateful to the universe, whatever the result.

When one manifestation occurs in the way that you desired, it proves the strength and efficacy of your method. With this, you can comfortably go to the next manifestation.


  1. What Is Manifestation?

    Manifestation is the creation of reality from the imagination of a desire. It is the act through which an object of yearning gets manifested, or made to come into existence.

  2. Is Manifestation A Sin?

    Manifestation does not constitute sin. Rather, it is a labor of love for the universe and a person’s faith in their potential to expand their reach, upgrade their living standard, and advance in life.

Final Words

Realizing your goals and dreams to fruition is not an easy process. There are three factors essential to manifesting your goals and dreams:

  • Visualization is the act of picturing your goal as if it already has occurred. It also includes visualizing the obstacles in the path and planning how to overcome them.
  • Meditation is the act of trying to find inner peace in order to be at one with yourself before you take any actions. A calm mind that is focused on the present moment is a fertile ground to manifest your desires.
  • Affirmations are positive statements that challenge your self-defeating negative thoughts; repeating them faithfully brings about positive changes.

You start with small desires that are just a little out of your reach. Then, as you work at it, strengthen the process by tossing out what doesn’t work and keeping what does. It will eventually become a perfect process tailored solely to your needs.

Manifestation is an ever-changing process. It does not usually happen overnight. Most of the time, it is the result of constant fine-tuning, resetting, and repeating.

Six Tips To Manifest Quickly: 1. Forethinking, 2. Having clarity, 3. Trustful action, 4. Being grateful, 5. Fine-tuning, 6. Repetition.

• • •

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Author Bio: Written and reviewed by Sandip Roy—a medical doctor, psychology writer, and happiness researcher.

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