7 Tips on How to Be Successful and Effective In Life

How To Be Successful and Effective

Your 7 Steps Masterplan To A Successful Life

– By Stephanie Norman

Is there someone who doesn’t want to be a more successful and effective person?

Well, there are probably some people who would love spending their days watching TV shows, eating, sleeping, and doing nothing useful. Most of us don’t dream about becoming such persons. We want to achieve great goals and be an example for the generations to come.

But, are you doing anything of solid importance to realize those goals?

And, what precise actions did you take today towards your success?

Hey, do you even have your personal definition of success?

Every moment of your life is important, so you need to make an effort to use it effectively. The following 7 success tips will show you how.

1. Start With Self-Evaluation

This is the precise first step to take if you want to learn how to get success in life.

Before you can make precise steps towards becoming a more successful and effective individual, you need to evaluate your current capacity and situation. Then, you need to compare that state to the goals you want to achieve.

How much space is there between the person you are and the individual you want to become?

One of the first changes you should make is in the way you use your time. That’s where the evaluation begins. Take notes and track your activities throughout the day. After few days, you’ll notice a pattern.

You’ll probably recognize the activities that are consuming your time and efficiency. There is a name for them: distractions. You need to become aware of these weaknesses and do everything to avoid them.

When you evaluate your capacity properly, you’ll know how much work you are able to handle. Thus, you’ll be able to organize the activities throughout the day and achieve maximum result with minimum effort.

2. Plan Every Moment

The goal of efficiency doesn’t leave you with the luxury of lost time. You need to plan your day in advance and take all steps you need to take in order to achieve a goal on time.

Write the to-do list. You need a reminder of the things you plan, so you won’t be comfortable about leaving a particular task out of the list.

You can write the daily tasks on paper or in your phone/tablet; just keep them in a place that will be easily accessible throughout the day. You could use Evernote for keeping your notes.

If you already don’t know, then make it a point to learn how to set effective goals: 3 Highly Effective Goal Setting Techniques That Always Work.

3. Learn How to Delegate

It doesn’t matter how well you organize your time; sometimes you won’t be able to take the entire workload on your own. When you want to be more efficient, you have to perform perfectly on each and every task you have.

Quantity prevents you from delivering quality, so sometimes you have no other choice: you have to delegate part of your work to a team or to someone you hire.

For example, let’s say you want to promote your business online, but you can’t invest enough time in writing profound blog posts. There are plenty of professional writers you can hire online. They can help you write the content through a collaborative process, but they can also complete the piece according to your instructions.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you’ll become more efficient when you delegate the work to someone who can complete it better than you.

4. Manage Your Time

Wasting your energy on multiple tasks is not the perfect way of becoming more effective. Focus is the key to success. Make sure to know your priorities and act in accordance with them.

Have you heard of the Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule)? Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto realized that 80% of the effects came from 20% of the causes.

How is this rule applied in your efficiency?

80% of the results you achieve will come from 20% of your efforts. Those 20% are your priorities. When you focus most of your energy on them, you’ll achieve the ultimate level of effectiveness.

Also find out if procrastination is killing your happiness goals: How To Hack Your Unhappy Procrastination Habit.

5. ‘Yes’ Is Not Always the Right Answer

People have a deep need to be liked by others.

The ego is the sole cause of such tendency. You care about the way people perceive you, so you might accept more work than you’re capable of achieving just because you don’t want to ruin the impression.

This behavior leads to a huge problem: you won’t be able to finish all tasks on time, and you won’t be able to achieve the quality you’re expected to deliver.

Think twice before accepting a tricky offer.

You have free will and the right to choose. Value your time and have your priorities in mind before you accept to help others without improving your own efficiency.

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6. Clean the Working Space

Your working space is a complete mess?

Then it’s no wonder why you’re constantly under stress (mess = stress; they even rhyme). You can’t be effective when you have to find your way through the clutter around you.

Take a day to bring everything back to order. Organize your documents and put every piece of paper in its place. Once you achieve order, it will be easy for you to maintain it.

You get sick by the mere thought of cleaning? That doesn’t mean you can neglect the need for order. You can hire a cleaning service that can do the hard work for you.

You could also catch this #1 New York Times best-selling guide to decluttering your home by Marie Kondo, who takes readers through her revolutionary KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

7. Do Something Different

You can surely achieve notable success if you stick with a well-established routine. However, routine has its way of undermining your efficiency.

If you don’t do anything different, you’ll soon get bored of your daily activities; no matter how committed you are to the goals you’ve set.

Try something new. Start exercising, visit new places, try exotic meals, and surpass your insecurities. Meet new people and learn from them. When you experience life in its fullness, you’ll be more capable than ever to accomplish the big goals on your list.

If you have been delaying taking up a daily workout habit for years, or have been guilty of breaking and restarting the habit of exercise every few weeks or months, then here is the ultimate guide for you (with a downloadable PDF): How To Make Exercise A Daily Habit — The Only Guide You’ll Need.

Final Words

There are periods in your life when you would rather remain passive. This state may be caused by a great disappointment, but it may also be a result of boredom. Whatever the case is, you have to get out of it. Think about the goals you had and do your best to actualize them.

Develop a good strategy and create daily to-do lists that enable you to achieve the big goals step-by-step. Every single moment is important, so you better learn how to manage your time if you don’t want to waste your potential as a human being.

Evaluate, Plan, Delegate, Achieve. That’s Your Way to Great Success.

Evaluate, Plan, Delegate, Achieve. That’s Your Way to Great Success. Click To Tweet

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Stephanie Norman

Author Bio: Stephanie Norman is a contributing blogger and professional writer with 4 years of experience from Sydney. She writes business, creative, and academic content as a freelancer for Australian Writings, a company that offers assignment help for students. Follow her on Facebook and Google+.

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