10 Procrastination Hacks: How To Stop Procrastinating Forever

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If you have always wondered about how to stop procrastinating, here are the 10 best procrastination hacks to beat that unhappy habit of yours. But first, let’s explore a few questions before letting out those hacks. Still, you may jump over to the last part of this post to read them.

The first thing to remember is that procrastination is a voluntary activity. It’s something that you do on purpose, and not something that happens by chance. You may define it as an intentional delay in taking action.

Why Do You Procrastinate?

But why do you procrastinate, even when you know you should not be doing it? Read here.

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Does Procrastination Make You Unhappy?

Does procrastination really make you unhappy?

Yes. Not when you’re procrastinating, usually, but later. Your chronic procrastination habit can chip away your overall happiness. Indeed, procrastination more often than not leaves you unhappy in the end. Many people, and quite a few researchers, have found this to be true.

The Procrastination Research Group, run by Timothy A. Pychyl, Associate Professor of Psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and an international authority on procrastination, interviewed over 10,000 people in a survey, and found that 94% of them confessed procrastination indeed takes away some piece of their happiness.

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How Does Procrastination Make You Unhappy?

  • Procrastination can harm your relationships — personal and professional. If you’re habitually late at a date with your friend, or mostly show up late at office meetings, you are definitely causing yourself to settle into a quicksand of bad reputation. It will be an open secret that you do not care about other people in your life.
  • Apart from the reason that procrastinators lose their social connections, which are our greatest source of happiness, they also suffer from regret. The regret comes in at a point when they recognize they can’t mend it by any Herculean means at all.
  • Most chronic procrastinators become liars as well, cooking up elaborate excuses to justify their being late. Nevertheless, sooner than later, they start getting caught. Initially, people see through the lies and choose not to mention it. Later on, when they know they are hearing another lie, they show what they believe about it — with just a sly smile or a full-on verbal rap. Still later, they too stop caring about you and your work.
  • Procrastinators have a strange relationship with time — they often believe time is always up against them, and they have to outpace it somehow. This constant fight against the time takes a toll on their energy and willpower.
Procrastination Making Girl Unhappy

How To Stop Procrastinating?

Remember, all the best hacks in the world won’t make you get off your seat and get over your procrastination unless you take action.

These are highly effective strategies, but they don’t work unless you work.

And right now, even if your monkey mind is telling you that these won’t work for you, please go ahead and give these a fair try.

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10 Hacks To Overcome Your Unhappy Procrastination Habit

1 •  Recognize and admit that you have a problem with delaying things deliberately and needlessly. Know that it’s you who is subverting your own plans. This is the first step.

2 •  Get started now. Whatsoever it is, just get started on it. Don’t pass on yourself any chance to wait for a better mood or a better circumstance. No one is assured a future. Your body cells are dying and new cells are being created all the time. Even your own brain treats your future-self as a stranger.

3 •  Do not overthink. Do not worry about how will you fare with the task or how will your final task look like. It will wear you out and whittle away your willpower. Here’s an in-depth article on how to stop overthinking.

4 •  Break down your task into small bites. Fix timelines for completing each of these sub-tasks. And be kind to yourself, to forgive yourself when you fault on meeting a timeline.

5 •  Adopt the Pomodoro technique. It’s a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo, in which you specify a timer for 25 minutes (or more, or less), and keep your nose down at the task till the timer bell rings. This lets you work without distractions. When you’re done, take a break.

6 •  Make the task interesting. At least make the most boring parts of it interesting by turning it into a game you’d enjoy. Ask for help on how can you make it interesting.

7 •  Log out of your online social media accounts. Virtually everything that has a continuously updating feed, disconnect from them. Mute your emails and smartphones too.

8 •  Forget telling yourself that you work best under pressure. It’s a lie. In all your past experiences, all the jobs that you finished in the eleventh hour were results of not having them done when you had enough time, and not because you were given that small window of time.

9 •  Don’t attempt to multitask. It’s a myth, because you can’t ever efficiently multitask. Multitasking is just shifting your attention from one task to another, back and forth.

10 •  Practice mindfulness. It can help you observe the present moment non-judgmentally, without fear or anxiety. Once your anxiety about the present is gone, you find it easy to start working on your project. Mindfulness can help us overcome procrastination by paring down our instant gratification urges regulated by the brain’s limbic system. As Dr Timothy Pychyl says: “Really what we want to do is downregulate the limbic system and upregulate the prefrontal cortex. And mindfulness meditation is a path to that.”

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3 Quick Hacks To Stop Procrastination

Just for you, our unhappy procrastinator, we pull out the three main key techniques from the ten above:

  1. Break tasks into small parts,
  2. Set a timer, and
  3. Begin straightaway.

20 Procrastination Hacks By A Zen Guy

Leo Babauta lists his 20 Procrastination Hacks For Scott Young’s Blog:

  1. Form A Do It Now Habit
  2. Do Your Most Important Task First
  3. Do It For Just 10 Minutes
  4. Break The Work Into Tinier Tasks
  5. Love Your Work, or Find Work You Love
  6. 30-10: Work For 30 Minutes, Take Break For 10 Minutes, Repeat
  7. Set A Deadline
  8. Put Public Pressure On Yourself
  9. Reward Yourself
  10. Consider Not Doing It
  11. Think About Positive Aspects of The Task
  12. Clear Away The Distractions
  13. Merlin Mann’s Hack: 10 minutes Work, 2-minute Break, Repeat
  14. Procrastination Dash
  15. Track Your Time
  16. Overcome Your Fear
  17. Get A Task Master
  18. Pre-Schedule It
  19. Structured Procrastination
  20. Prepare Yourself

Final Words

Apart from the 10-hacks-cheat-sheet to beat procrastination above, three more science-proven techniques to get better of this unhappy habit of yours are:

  1. Goal Setting: Set goals for yourself. Make these goals SMART or HARD.
  2. Growth Mindset: You can and should develop a growth mindset.
  3. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): This helps, as experts say.
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