7 Things That Turn On A Female Narcissist

A female narcissist is turned on when people fall for the make-believe persona they painstakingly built to make people like them.

With live video filters on social media platforms like Reels and TikTok, they can now appear extremely gorgeous.

So, essentially, a narcissist gets turned on when they know you are implicitly and explicitly under their control.

By the way, when a narcissist can’t control you anymore, they behave in certain toxic ways.

What turns on a narcissistic woman

Here are some of the things that turn on a female narcissist:

1. You Being Obedient To Them

Narcissistic women are turned on when you are obedient to them, much like a well-trained dog.

They may even take pride in their “dog” and may ask you to do ridiculous things for them just to make sure that you are totally under their control.

They may even encourage you to act like a dog in your intimate relationship, such as barking “sweet little woofs.”

They enjoy bragging to others about how obedient you are to them, and do so quite often. It’s not uncommon for a female narcissist to ask that you carry their sandals while they walk on the ground.

2. Your Excessive Dependence On Them

They get turned on when they realize you depend on them for all your major and minor life decisions.

They may even boast of it to others how you’re a “kid” who can’t take care of yourself without them.

They may even externalize this dependence of you on them.

Indeed, you may discover that you still engage in certain peculiar behaviors that they ingrained into you.

A narcissistic woman, for example, may habituate you to avoid a specific date. As a result, even if a person has a perfect scientific temperament, he may be afraid to start a project on the 13th of the month many years after the relationship has ended.

3. You Buying Them Expensive Stuff

They love being talked about for their bling. In fact, they would show off their shiny objects to get people talking about them.

But what really turns them on is when you buy them that stuff.

They may even fake being offended or upset to get you to buy them gifts. Or take them places, like exotic holiday destinations and exclusive Michelin-starred restaurants.

What Turns On A Female Narcissist

4. You Are Enamored By Them

They may design the ideal lover mask. They can do it successfully because they instinctively understand what captivates your interest and will perfectly embody that persona.

They can take on the role of the best lover you’ve ever had.

And all of their role play will occur accordingly to charm you. However, deep inside they are quite sick of playing the role because it is not something they believe in.

They do it to secure their narcissistic supply.

She feeds off your love for them.

Your remaining hooked to their charms makes them pleased. They like it because your behavior toward them (that you even love the way they show their anger) massages their self-importance and keeps their self-esteem intact.

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5. You Are Their Puppet

Being a puppet to your narcissistic lady may appear to be the same as being subservient to her, but it is not.

Being their puppet means they can manipulate you into doing and saying things ‘to others’ that she wants.

She often gets you to confirm your love for them before asking you to do something bad to someone else.

They lack emotional empathy and will do everything they can to teach you not to respond to someone with compassion. They may get you to stop helping people you have been helping out for years.

The only exception is when you give them the spotlight when you are volunteering in a community. They will like you to keep doing that.

Only after you’ve left them, often years later, do you understand what a pawn you’ve been to them for acting so horribly toward your relatives and friends.

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6. You Praise Them And Their Achievements

A narcissist is ecstatic to hear you sing odes to them.

In fact, they may even remind you to praise them since you haven’t done so in a while.

Another way they draw praise from you is to withhold certain duties or responsibilities from you. When you ask them why, their ready response is:

“You don’t think I am good for anything. You think I am a completely useless person.”

Of course, it will hurry you to soothe them with the good things they are capable of, their great looks, and their popularity.

Every opportunity for public acclaim works like magic to turn them on.

There might be a good chance that they have engineered the whole accolade thing, and invited everyone they knew to the occasion.

7. They Love To Cheat On You

They are highly likely to cheat on you.

Cheating in a relationship excites a narcissist. It’s because controlling more than one person into loving them makes them feel more powerful.

You may take it as a given that a narcissist woman who seduced you will also charm others.

They may not be proactively unfaithful to you and may not make advances, but they may give in to the advances of another person.

When you find out, they’ll be ready to lay the entire blame on you. And since she loves drama, you should be prepared for the most agonizing drama of your relationship.

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Final Words

A narcissist is blatantly egoistic and egotistic, and often more so when they are women.

A narcissistic woman is skilled at using her sexuality to her advantage. In fact, if you ask them, they may not even be modest about being a narcissist.

Finally, know for sure that they know what they are, but will never even try to change for the better.

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Author Bio: Written and reviewed by Sandip Roy — medical doctor, psychology writer, and happiness researcher.

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